College Guidance

GRADUATING SENIORS:  IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO SERVE AND GROW IN A CHRISTIAN COMMUNITY before the college experience, you might want to consider working for the Lutheran Young Adult Corps. Application deadline is March 1, 2019. Follow this link for more information:

THE UNIVERSITY OF CENTRAL MISSOURI (UCM) IS HOSTING FOUR SHOWCASE DAYS THIS WINTER for high school juniors and seniors: College of Education Showcase Day: February 1, 2019; College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Science Showcase Day: February 4, 2019; College of Business and Professional Studies Showcase Day: February 25, 2019; and College of Health, Science, and Technology Showcase Day: March  4, 2019.  Follow this link for more information:

GRADUATING SENIORS WHO ARE INTERESTED IN THE POLICE ACADEMY:  Follow this link to learn more. Note - participants must be 18 years old and either live or work in KCMO:

REMINDER:  DEADLINE FOR CENTRIQ'S SCHOLARSHIP IS JANUARY 31ST for a four-month IT training program. Follow this link if a career in technology is of interest to you rather than college at this time: See Mrs. Hathhorn for more information.

JUNIORS AND SENIORS:  ARE YOU MAKING YOUR SUMMER PLANS? Follow this link to learn about an 8-week paid internship with a non-profit organization sponsored by The Bank of America.  Application deadline is February 1.

SENIORS: ARE YOU INTERESTED IN LEARNING ABOUT A CAREER IN MANUFACTURING?  Honeywell is looking for students who plan to attend a community college and are in good character.  Scholarships are available. To learn more follow this link:

SCHOLARSHIP OPPORTUNITY: Martin Luther Scholarship ($2000): Graduating seniors, male, and confirmed members of a Lutheran congregation who plan to begin a 4-year college program in the fall of 2019. Apply online: Deadline February 16, 2019. Questions?  See Mrs. Hathhorn.

and for financial aid. Students just choose their colleges, and the website shows them a list of all their requirement and deadlines. If you are interested in learning more or using this website, visit

JUST A REMINDER TO ALL STUDENTS REGISTERING TO TAKE THE ACT: Please take advantage of the opportunity to have your scores sent directly to any college you might be considering at the time you register for the test. You can have the scores sent to up to 4 colleges for free. If you wait until later to have the scores sent, it could cost you up to $30. Any Junior or Senior who has not yet take the ACT should plan to take it soon. Register for the test at and choose a testing facility near you.

SENIORS WHO NEED THEIR HIGH SCHOOL TRANSCRIPTS SENT AS PART OF THE COLLEGE ADMISSION PROCESS are reminded to use the form under  he Academics tab on this website to make your request. Mrs. Meier will send the transcripts after the request is submitted if all fees are paid and tuition is current.