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Counselor's Corner

Counselor's Corner:   Read these tips if you are planning to pursue a four-year college degree. 

*Reach your ACT or SAT  goals by end of the first semester. 
*Research colleges online. Be fully informed of tuition and room/board fees.
*Attend college fairs.  Visit colleges of interest.
*Pay attention to college application and scholarship deadlines!
*Create your FSA ID at
*FAFSA opens October 1, 2018  (get your 2017 tax info organized and complete your FAFSA as soon as possible after October 1) Need a little help completing your FAFSA?  Follow this link: https://finance.yahoo.com/news/gets-confusing-fast-fafsa-financial-aid-students-explained-012211842.html
*Finalize your college admissions applications, essays; secure your letters of recommendation. *Request transcripts.
*Enjoy your Senior Year! 

*This is the year to focus on your ACT or SAT test taking skills!  Set a goal.
*Practice, practice, practice!  Register and take ACT or SAT by end of  the first semester. Need to re-take? Practice, practice, practice and retake by the end of the Junior year or beginning of summer.
*Get organized:  Make a file to manage your college search and testing.
*Update your file on all school activities plus church/community service.
*Attend college fairs. Learn about financial aid.
*Keep challenging yourself academically!
*Enjoy your Junior year!

*Develop good study habits.
*Challenge yourself academically.
*Stay engaged in school, church, family life, and community.
*Keep a running log of all your school and outside activities and update it every semester, making the college application process easier on you when you are ready to apply.
*If you are pursuing the MO A+ Seal, keep up with your attendance, cumulative gpa, and tutoring hours.
*Enjoy your Sophomore year!

*Congratulations!  You have made the transition to high school!
*Develop good study habits and time management skills.
*Make a document that records all your high school activities (example: athletics, musical performances, club activities, service, etc). Include the service you do for church and community.  Update this document every semester until you apply for college.
*Enjoy high school!

A word about MO A+  If you live in MO and have set a goal to obtain the MO A+ Seal on your diploma, be aware of all criteria. Keep up with your attendance, cumulative gpa, and tutoring hours!   Some four- year MO colleges offer scholarship money with this accomplishment.

All Students
*Be grateful to your parents/guardians and educators for providing you a Christian Education.
*Thank God every day!

Basic College Checklist