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What is Precalculus?

Precalculus is the continuance of Algebra II to help prepare students to study Calculus.  Topics in the first semester covered in this course are more advanced than what is covered in Algebra II.  Additionally, further topics in Trigonometry are covered in the second semester of this course.

Students may earn dual credit in this course with the University of Central Missouri.  During the first semester, students can earn 3 college hours in College Algebra.  In the second semester, students may earn 2 college hours in College Trigonometry.

Please check out the links to the side.  Weekly homework assignments are posted each week.  You can also check out the class calendar and syllabus.  The link will take you to the folder where all of our assignment sheets are kept.  If you are interested in dual credit in this course through the University of Central Missouri, click the link for more information.