Advanced Biology
‚ÄčWelcome to Mrs. Hizer's Advanced Biology class!



The following are units and topics we will be discussing in Advanced Biology this year. 

            *Please note that the teacher may adjust these topics of study and important concepts at any time             in order to accommodate student learning. 


Dates                                       Topic/Unit                              Concept


First Semester

Aug 15th-Oct 11th:  first quarter      Unit 1: The Cell: Ch. 6-8            a tour of the cell, membrane                                                                                                           structure and function, an intro to                                                                                                   metabolism, Labs: osmosis and                                                                                                     water potential, diffusion lab,                                                                                                          crystals scientific method lab


Oct 14th-Dec 19th: second quarter    Unit 2: The Cell Cycles: Ch.9, 10,12 
cellular respiration-glycolysis, photosynthesis,-Calvin cycle, cell cycle, Labs: cellular respiration, transpiration, mitosis in an onion root

Jan 6th-24th                               Winterim Session


Second Semester


Jan 28th- March 27th: third quarter   Unit 3: Genetics:Ch. 13-15          meiosis and sexual life cycles,  Mendel and the gene idea, the chromosomal basis of inheritance,  Labs: Modeling chromosomal inheritance, pedigree project, pipe cleaner babies, genetics- design a species                                                            

March 30th-May 22nd: fourth quarter   Unit 4: Biological Diversity: Ch. 19,20,27,28   
virus, protist, bacteria  Labs: Bacteria growth lab, enzyme lab, Daphnia heart rate lab


                                  Unit 5: Mechanisms of Evolution: Ch. 22, 23
animal behaviors,
 Labs: isopod behavior, evolution of the origami bird