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English 1

Mrs. Rodriguez 

English 1




Course Description:

English 1 (1 credit course) 

Required of all freshmen.  Students will be instructed in the development of necessary communication and study skills through the study of different genres of literature.  Students will also be instructed in the writing process, speaking, and organizational skills. Practical skill application in the area of grammar usage will be reviewed. 



Class Objectives:


·      The course teaches students to write an interpretation of a piece of literature that is based on a careful observation of textual details, considering the work's:

o   Structure, style, and themes

o   The social and historical values it reflects and embodies

o   Such elements as the use of figurative language, imagery, symbolism, and tone.

·      To practice and develop writing processes pertaining to invention, revision, organization, drafting through multiple drafts, editing, and adjusting for rhetorical context (purpose, audience, persona).

·      To discuss and share writing and reading with one another and develop a shared vocabulary for talking about writing.

·      To practice critical thinking processes such as abstracting, representing, incorporating, and synthesizing the ideas of others through writing.

  • To produce readable and interesting finished products that reflects appropriate academic textual conventions of presentation.



Expectations of Mrs. Rodriguez: I expect each student to arrive to class promptly, being prepared for class each time with the required homework complete, their textbook/novel, a writing utensil, and an English notebook with notes, handouts and paper inside of it. This is high school now, which means it is to be treated as a high school level course and we will be treating it as such. We will be covering a lot over the course of the year. Each student needs to be prepared to do so.



Attendance Policy:

I understand we all have busy lives filled with more then just school, or more then just this class. There will be times that with the conflict of activities and family that classes will be missed. I ask each student to contact me AT LEAST a class period beforehand to their absence and then ask them to check the “What We’re Doing This Week” slot to see what materials will be covered while they are gone and what needs to be made up.



Cell Phone Policy:

Cell phones WILL NOT be permitted in the classroom unless directed by me, Mrs. Rodriguez, to be used. If a student is found with a cell phone out AT ALL it will be confiscated immediately and the student will then have to pay the fine at the office at the end of the day for it to be returned to them.


Late Assignments:

Scenario 1: Rachel forgot to do her assignment even though she was in class that day

Consequence: Rachel would receive half credit on the assignment when it is turned in.


Scenario 2: Rachel missed class for volleyball and didn’t turn the assignment in until the next day.

Consequence: Rachel would receive full credit for the assignment as she was excused from class that day. However, if Rachel hadn’t turned it in the day she got back to class, she would receive half credit on the assignment.


 Missing a Test/Quiz:

            If a student is absent the day of a quiz or a test, it is the student’s responsibility to make up the test by the end of the week that the test or quiz is given. If a test or quiz is on a Friday the student will have the following week to make it up. Before school, or during lunch are two available times to make up tests or quizzes.


 Late Projects/Papers

            Late projects will receive a deduction of 10% the first day the project/paper is late, can only receive a 50% as the highest score the second day it is late, and will not receive credit for the project or paper after that. 

Class Participation:

            There will be discussion in small and large groups EVERY DAY in class. In order to ensure full credit for work in class and for each student to learn to their full capacity, participation in class is a requirement and expectation. Collaborating with others, being able to answer a question coherently, and expressing one’s own opinions and thoughts are things people have to do their entire lives. Learning how to do it now appropriately and effectively is a huge part of what goes on in the classroom.


“What We’re Doing This Week” Bin

            This bin located in the back of the classroom is designed to help each student stay organized and to help them learn how to plan ahead for times they will be missing class. Each class has colored folders that will contain the week’s calendar of each of the assignments we will be completing and also the handouts the student will need to have. It is expected that each student will go to the bin to see what they are missing BEFORE they are gone, and asking Mrs. Rodriguez for any clarifications. Again, if there is a quiz or test scheduled the day they are missing, students are expected to schedule a time to come in THAT WEEK to make it up with Mrs. Rodriguez.


Classroom Library

            Students are encouraged to check out books from the classroom library located in the back of the classroom. In order to check out a book, students must sign the “Book Sign Out Sheet” and have Mrs. Rodriguez sign it as well. If a book is missing at the end of the year, the student that last checked it out will be expected to replace the book. If a book is noticeably damaged, the student will also be expected to replace that book. 


Final Note

            I have not covered each and every little detail that will come up in the classroom during the year. However, it is expected that each student come to class with an open mind and a forgiving heart. We are all a room full of sinners: I will make mistakes and students will make mistakes. It is with forgiveness and grace that we get through those mistakes and take strides forward to be better and to live better.  We will respect one another, be open minded to one another, look at things in a positive manner, and live out our lives to express the faith we have in Jesus Christ. This is an honor to be able to do, and I hope each student will do this as well.


In others words, I am SO excited to begin this year and can’t wait to learn with all of you 



 This syllabus is subject to change based on the needs of the class.