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New Testament

New Testament

Instructor: Miss Chelsea Stelmachowicz                            2019 – 2020

Email: chelsea.stel@lhskc.com                                                

Phone: 816-241-5478 ext. 4905                                       Room: S121


Course Description

The New Testament tells the story of humankind’s salvation through the death and resurrection of God’s only Son, Jesus Christ. This course reinforces the principle teachings of Scripture through the in-depth study of the New Testament. The historical and modern-day significance of God’s New Testament is taught to the students with an emphasis on application and Christian living. The life of Christ is studied in the four Gospels, the early life of the church follows, and the many concepts of Christian doctrine are discovered in the epistles. Students will increase their familiarity with the life and teachings of Christ as reported in the Gospels and applied in the epistles. Emphasis will be placed on personal application in their own lives. Students will demonstrate their understandings through class discussion and written assignments.


Course Goals/Outcomes

  • Recall important parts of Christ’s birth, ministry, death, and resurrection.
  • Compare and contrast the 4 Gospels
  • Study Parables
  • The spread of the Gospel (Acts)
  • Develop personal connections with the teachings of Jesus.
  • Epistles of Paul
  • Discuss the Book of Revelation as a book of comfort for Christians in persecution rather than as a mysterious book written to tell about the end of the world.
  • And so many more!




The instructor will:

  • Lecture.
  • Facilitate discussion.
  • Read and have students read Holy Scripture.
  • Initiate small group work.
  • Provide additional support for individuals and groups of students



Students will be evaluated on:

  • Quizzes – 25%
  • In Class Work/Participation – 25%
  • Homework Assignments – 30%
  • Tests – 20%

Required Materials (Provided by the students)

A notebook or binder used only for this class

Loose leaf notebook paper

A Bible – ESV

Something to write with



Late Work:     Late work will affect a student grade negatively. Please communicate clearly and effectively if you are falling behind in the class.

Plagiarism:    Cheating is not tolerated in this classroom. Every student will be expected to produce his or her OWN work. Anyone caught plagiarizing or cheating will have a meeting with me to discuss the situation. Plagiarism can take many forms. Don’t do it. Academic honesty is a must.

Cellphones:    Students earn the right to carry their phone during school by keeping a 2.5 GPA or better. Those with phone rights will not allow their device to distract classmates or themselves from learning. Students should keep phones put away unless they are told they may be used for a certain assignment on the given day.

Tardiness:     Students will be in the classroom before the bell rings. Each unexcused tardy will be logged with the office and impact the participation scores in this class. If your previous class went long, get a note from your teacher.










Course Calendar (always subject to change)

First Semester

  • Introduction to the synoptic gospels and John
  • The Messiah’s ancestry, birth, and childhood (Matt. 1-2)
  • The Messiah’s public ministry
    • Early ministry (Matt. 3-4)
    • Christ’s First Discourse: Christian Discipleship (Matt. 5-7)
    • The mighty works of the Messiah (Matt. 8-9)
    • Christ’s Second Discourse:The Mission of the Twelve Apostles (Matt. 10)
    • Jesus asserts that He is the Messiah (Matt. 11-12)
    • Christ’s Third Discourse:Parables of the kingdom (Matt. 13)
    • Christ’s withdrawals and His work of training His disciples (Matt. 14-17)
    • Christ’s Fourth Discourse:Christian Fellowship (Matt. 18)
    • Jesus’ confrontation with the Jewish leaders in Jerusalem(Matt. 21-23)
    • Christ’s Fifth Discourse:The destruction of the Temple and-Christ’s Second Coming (Matt. 24-25)
  • Jesus’ suffering and death (Matt. 24-25)
  • The resurrected Messiah (Matt. 28)
  • Comparison of Gospel accounts (Matthew, Mark, Luke, John)