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Concordia University Wisconsin (CSU)

CSU is hosting a high school visit day at their campus on March 6 from 9 am to 2 pm. If you would enjoy an opportunity to tour the campus, visit with faculty and staff, and learn more about embracing your God-given talents to serve others within your vocation, then please consider attending this event at CSU.

Students can register for this visit day at www.cuw.edu/visitday or email our CSU college rep at Kristin.Newhouse@cuw.edu.


Wichita State University

Black and Yellow Day - Feb. 17 and April 17: High school juniors and seniors are invited to this event to tour WSU and meet with faculty. Details and registration can be found at wichita.edu/visit.

Students admitted to WSU are invited to attend the annual W-S-YOU program on March 28. For more details, visit wichita.edu/wsyou.


Discover Grand Canyon University

Would you like to visit Grand Canyon University? Grand Canyon University offers the "fly-in" two-night program to discover GCU. The goal of the "fly-in" program is to be able to leave GCU with confidence in the direction you want your future to go in. The tour will include the opportunity to learn about your college of interest; identify what degree program you would like to pursue; gain in-depth program information; participate in hands-on activities; tour the campus, and meet current students in your college of interest. 

For more information, please click here to visit the Grand Canyon University website.


ACT Test Date - School Date Testing March 24, 2020

The Lutheran High School of Kansas City will offer the ACT Test on March 24, 2020, to the Junior Class. The ACT Test will begin at 7:45 AM. The ACT Test will be held at The Lutheran High School of Kansas City. Students will have the opportunity to forward their scores to four colleges. 

The Lutheran High School of Kansas City will offer the Practice ACT Test on March 24, 2020, to the Freshman Class and Sophomore Classes. The Practice ACT Test will begin at 7:45 AM. The Practice ACT Test will be held at The Lutheran High School of Kansas City. 


Note: The December and April ACT testing dates (Saturday testing locations) are the only times when students have the opportunity to order the TRI which means resources come back to the student following testing at a small fee.  Resources include test questions, the student's answers and the answer key for that test. These materials can be helpful when studying for future ACT testing.

For more information, please 
click here to visit the ACT website. 


Close Up: Washington DC  High School Programs

Close Up is the nation's premier nonprofit, not partisan civic education organization. Since, 1971, over 900,000 students and teachers have participated in our experiential learning programs. 

Close Up ensures their students will have a safe and memorable trip made possible through their all-inclusive package that includes travel, lodging, 24-hour supervision, and access to medical care as needed.  Close Up is a once in a lifetime opportunity that will inspire students to become active participants in our democracy. 

If your student is interested in applying to Close Up, please contact Keri M. Cook: kcook@closeup.org and visit www.CloseUp.org


Going Merry

Many local, state and national scholarships can be found at


Christian Colleges Fair: Save the Date

Saturday, February 29, 2020
10 am to noon
Colonial Presbyterian Church
9500 Wornall Road, KC MO 64114
Free seminar: Getting the Most Financial Aid