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Cast List

Clio/Kira - Emily Tanner

Sonny Malone - Max Huebner

Danny Maguire – Josh Spencer

Melpomene – Lauren Ada

Calliope – Rosa Mars

Erato - Muse of Lyrics – Jeremiah Schultz

Euterpe - Muse of Music – Jesse Schultz

Thalia - Muse of Comedy – Reese Pohlman

Terpsichore - Muse of Dance – Anna Steensma

Polyhymnia  -Muse of Hymns- Ellie Wegener

Urania – Muse of Astronomy – Anne Thomas

Sirens – Jordan Rolf, Kyrah Schroeter, Katie Hornbostel, Ashleigh Murphree

Danny’s Younger Self – Lachlan Mathewson

“Kitty”/Kira Double – Kyrah Schroeter

Andrews Sisters – Katie Hornbostel, Kyrah Schroeter, Jordan Rolf

The Tubes - 1980’s rock band – Ben Arnold, Ethan Tanner, Christian Hinrichs,                                                    Jeremiah Schultz, Jesse Schultz

Eros (Cupid) – Christian Hinrichs

Hermes – Lachlan Mathewson

Zeus – Jesse Schultz

Hera, Ashleigh Murphree

Thetis, the Sea Goddess – Brianna Teerink

Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love – Jasmine Sabisky

Cyclops – Ethan Tanner

Medusa – Reece Pohlman

Centaur – Ben Arnold

Greek Chorus – Jessen Brown, Caroline Hinrichs, Brooke Gordon, Hannah Mundt,                                            Erica Deardorff, Sarah-Marie Bereuter, Emelia Durham


Stage Manager – Sydney Boyd

Assistant Stage Manager- Maria Trozzolo

Stage Crew- Summer Morey, Dan Smith


Thank you all for your hard work at auditions! First rehearsal will be Monday, September 11th from 6:30-8:30 for the entire cast. We will read through the script and discuss the rehearsal schedule. If you cannot attend the first rehearsal, please email Mrs. Killian at magskillian@gmail.com . Thanks again for your hard work! I am so excited for this show!