Day 6 and 7 From Germany

Day 6 & 7 From Germany
Posted on 01/19/2015
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Day 6 began with an early breakfast in München and a long bus ride to Switzerland with several neat stops along the way. The first stop was a surprise, an extra stop not included on our itinerary, to an amazingly beautiful Catholic church from the year 1730 hidden in the Bavarian Alps between München and Schwangau. The church is known for its altar piece called Scourged Savior which is a statue of Jesus in chains after his torture. The next stop was the most anticipated- the Neuschwanstein castle after which Disney modeled Cinderella's castle. We rocked the 30 minute or so walk up to it and were able to take some amazing pictures from a bridge between two peaks around the back side of the castle. Then we had a guided tour of the very ornate and eccentric inside where no pictures were allowed, but ask your students and they can give you a summary of what they saw! Finally we stopped for an afternoon break in Vaduz, Liechstenstein where some got their passports stamped at the tourist office and we were given free maps that showed just how small Liechstenstein is- at just 62 square miles even Kansas City proper is considerably bigger. After another ride on the bus we arrived at the sweetest hotel outside of Luzern just in time for a delicious dinner of Zürcher Geschnetzeltes (a Swiss dish of rice, chicken and mushrooms).
On the morning of Day 7 we woke up to see our first snow in Europe! Our hotel is fairly high up in the Alps (774 meters/2,540 feet above sea level) and it was breathtaking to see the fresh snow fall early in the morning. After breakfast we headed by bus into the city of Luzern where Silke led us on a walking tour. We saw the Lion's Monument, the town hall, two neat covered wooden bridges, houses from the 1500's, the world's largest clock in the Guiness book of world records and some of us even saw the largest pocket knife also in the Guiness book of world records! After our time in the city we headed by bus to the town of Vitznau where we took the oldest cog wheel train in Europe up to the top of Mount Rigi. The higher we went up the more snow was on the ground. It was definitely an authentic Alps experience! At the final stop we got out and walked the last 10 minutes or so to the summit of Mount Rigi. We uncovered a sign which showed what the view should be from there (several mountain peaks, four lakes, and 24 of the 26 Kantons in Switzerland) but unfortunately we only saw clouds and snow. That did not stop us from having a blast though! There were snow angels made, mini snowball fights to be had, and one of us was even voluntarily buried in the snow. I'll let you ask your students to find out who that was! :) On the way down we rode a cable car with truly incredible views of snow covered trees and the town of Weggis below! After that we headed back to our hotel to get dressed up for our fancy dinner and at our cute hotel.
Schöne Grüße aus Luzern,
Frau Meier