Lutheran High School Road Rally 2014

LHS 2014 Road Rally - November 22, 2014
Posted on 10/15/2014
Road Rally 2014

Road Rally Definition: This is a very cognitive game, where students form groups of 4 and try to follow an elaborate set of instructions from Point A (the school parking lot) to Point B (a chosen ending place) within about 2 hours of driving and stopping at different checkpoints to accomplish tasks along the way. Unlike the scavenger hunts parents may remember from their youth, the Road Rally is not a competition of speed. The goal is to be the team that comes closest to the time set by a very sedate adult driver.

Students leave at staggered starting times and their time begins at the time designated to them. Because of this they also arrive back at the school at various times. Prizes are awarded that evening, so parents should plan on their child(ren) staying until the last group returns, although it is not necessary for a student to be present to win.

Licensed students are allowed to drive, with a parent’s permission. The student driver is included in the team’s 4-person limit. Younger students may have a parent drive, but the adults are asked not to help the kids with the tasks; let them figure it out on their own, please!

History of LHS Road Rally: LHSKC started the Road Rally in 2003 - as a special event for our school alone.  This was, even then with only a few cars, an extremely fun evening that was special and unique to LHS. 

Since that time, the event has expanded to include not only a large number of teams (Last year, 22 groups took off from the school), but also an opportunity for student to show their creativity by dressing in costume. It also fits at Lutheran High because it is a fairly intellectual mind game - really testing the ability to follow directions. 

Road Rally Location – Usually within 10 miles of the school; all stops are in very safe parts of town, departing from the school parking lot.

Cost – There is a $30.00 entry fee, which pays for prizes, for food along the route, and for “stops” – such as to buy gum or other items. Students never have to spend their own money on the Road Rally, all the money they need will be provided. In fact, bringing back the correct change is part of the Road Rally scoring.

Prizes – generous prizes are awarded to the 3 teams which come closest to the set time. 1st Place team receives $50 apiece; 2nd Place team receives $20 apiece; and 3rd Place team receives $10 apiece. Other competitions for prizes may be added at the time of the event.