News from LuWiSoMo

News from LuWiSoMo
Posted on 01/12/2015
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We made it safely on Friday with great road conditions and a sunshine-filled sky. After the long car ride it was nice to stretch our legs and get acquainted with our new surroundings. 
Saturday brought some intense training and scenario practice. We played games that we'll use with the campers and put some additional touches on the devotions the students will be leading this week. It wasn't all work though; we had enough time play in the snow, take a night hike, and even go out on the lake. It's been really neat to watch the kids exist mostly technology free...they actually asked if they could go play outside!
Today brings some last minute details and then it's showtime! "I'm kinda anxious," said Bazinga (Mason), "I'm ready to go." I think he speaks for the group with that sentiment. 
Other things of note: we use nicknames at camp. I will refer to people by these names in future messages. If you're curious about your child's name, feel free to ask them about it!
Mason - Bazinga
Lanae - Dos
McKenna - Shia
Leigha - Weazy
Patrick - Eeh 
Yuki - Pics
Alfredo - OJ
Martha - Tambo
Amy - Pinkie
Barb - Squirrel
And I'm Chopper. Signing out for now!
Hannah Froehlich/Chopper