LHSKC Winterim Offerings 2017

Lutheran High offers Winterim Courses from January 3rd through the 20th.
Posted on 12/28/2016

Winterim classes incorporate hands-on and experiential learning both inside and outside the classroom and tend to change year to year. This January, LHS students could choose from the following offerings.

Art and Art Professions: Designed for students interested in pursuing a career in art, this course taught by Ms. Brittany Mikeska is an opportunity to take a look inside a variety of art professions. Students will hear from guest speakers, travel to get hands-on opportunities in these fields, and create art coinciding with the learned art careers. Some examples of art professions are graphic designer, architect, printmaker, photographer, studio artist, to name just a few.

Aviation: In this Winterim course taught by David Smith, pilot for LAMP (Lutheran Association for Missionaries and Pilots) Ministries, students will receive an introduction to piloting, as well as the ground training required to receive FAA certification as a drone pilot.  Most class time will be spent in “ground school”  but there will be a tower and airfield tour along with two simulator sessions at Johnson County Executive Airport. 

Power Shop: Students taking this course will learn basic service-related maintenance on a variety of vehicles, learn basic electrical skills for repair and troubleshooting, observe basic machining techniques, clean, inspect, and rebuild carburetors and tear down and reassemble Harley Davidson engines with power upgrades and then test them on a stationary performance platform.  Field trips will include a tour of a local Harley Davidson dealership and manufacturing plant.  The class is held at DynoMike’s in Belton and taught by Shop owner, Mike Wilson.

Disaster 1.0: What is a ‘disaster’?  How can we prepare for disasters? What can an individual person do to make a difference when a natural disaster occurs? In this class, Dr. Melanie Smith will lead students to find the answers to these questions and more!  Students will learn CPR and first aid and will receive training in Community Emergency Response Team activities, as well as receiving hands-on training with firefighting equipment and a visit to an emergency operations center.

Health and Wellness: Focusing on the importance of knowledge, attitudes and activities relating to personal health and wellness, this course is designed to expose students to the physical, social, mental, and spiritual aspects of health.  Topics will include physical fitness, non-traditional physical education activities, nutrition, stress management, and various other activities that will strengthen students understanding of health and wellness. The class will be team taught by Mr. Dan Bickel, Mr. Aaron Bruening, and Mr. Dave Rindt.

Government: Led by Mr. Lee Rudzinski, the experiences in this American Government class will include guest speakers who have worked with federal and state government and field trips to our state capitol, city hall, state and municipal court, the Federal Reserve Bank of KC and the Truman Library.  These outside activities combined with classroom projects will aid the students in their understanding of the basics of our Federal and Missouri government structures, powers, and procedures. 

The Amazing Race – Science Edition: For the second year “running”, students will head to the starting line, where Ms. Jonelle Hizer will split them into teams and lead them in a race around Kansas City and our campus performing science-related roadblocks and detours along the way.  The race will consist of destinations and activities dealing with all branches of Science, from life sciences (KC Zoo, Arboretum, Science City, Aquarium), to environmental sciences (conservation sites, recycling and waste treatment plants) to health sciences (health speakers), to engineering, technology, and mathematics (chemists/engineers from Honeywell, etc.).   

American Sign Language: This introduction to the basics of Sign Language and Deaf Culture will be taught by Ms. Emily Meier. The class will consist of six different elements: Learning to sign, researching and debating topics relating to deaf culture, signing with music, evaluating movies about deaf culture, taking field trips to KC area deaf communities, and presentations by interpreters and deaf people. By the end of the class students will be able to communicate with simple signs, sign six songs, discuss important topics in deaf culture such as cochlear implants, deaf schools, and sign language in the career, and be aware of tools and resources to continue to study sign language in the future.

Serving Others: Students and adult chaperones will travel to Camp LuWiSoMo in Wild Rose, Wisconsin to lead a week-long camp experience for youth and adults with developmental disabilities. Course time will consist of travel, training, group building, and Bible study, exploring servant leadership and working with different populations. Students will be paired one-on-one with a camper for the week and will be expected to help lead activities, help camper with meals and grooming, and share the love of Jesus with God’s special children. Ms. Hannah Froehlich is the adult mentor for this class.