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May 19th Devotion from The Lutheran High School of Kansas City

May 19th Devotion from The Lutheran High School of Kansas City
Posted on 05/19/2020
The Rock

The Lutheran High School of Kansas City will be providing devotions for use during your daily Bible time. Today's Devotion is based on Matthew Chapter 7, verse 25.

Matthew 7:25: “The rain came down, the streams rose, and the winds blew and beat against that house; yet it did not fall, because it had its foundation on the rock.”

This is the season for hail storms in KC and I’ve had the “privilege” of being involved in 2 of them!  I was at school for the first hail storm so my car is now covered in small divots you can see when the light hits it just right. I was home alone for the second hail storm and it was so loud –I thought the roof was coming down!  I was wishing my husband was home that day because I was really kind of scared.  But it was during that moment of fear that God brought this parable from Matthew 7:24-27 to mind. 

This analogy of life’s trials as the ‘storm’ and our lives as the ‘house’ is a very powerful and meaningful one. The vivid imagery it produces is just what I needed to be comforted in the hail storm that day but more importantly to be comforted knowing that God is with me through all of life’s storms. Even though I am a sinful human being, I can state boldly that my ‘house’ is built upon the ‘rock’ because I believe I ‘live and breathe and have my being’ only at the hands of God and I will spend eternity with God in heaven only because of Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross for my sins.  

Know that your ‘house’ is also built solidly on the rock and cornerstone of Jesus Christ.  I cannot understand all that each of you are going through, but I can understand that there is one horrific storm raging around our ‘houses’.  I can imagine the rains of ‘why me’, the rising streams of ‘but I did not plan this’, and the blowing winds of sadness and loss all swelling up around you.  During these times, may God comfort you beyond what you can imagine and may you trust in this promise -- that the house built on the rock “did not fall, because it had its foundation on the rock.”  

Lord, take my hand and lead me, Upon life’s way
Direct, protect, and feed me, From day to day.
Without your grace and favor, I go astray;
So take my hand, O Savior, And lead the way.

Lord, when the tempest rages, I need not fear;
For you, the Rock of Ages, Are always near.
Close by your side abiding, I fear no foe,
For when your hand is guiding, In peace I go.

Lord, when the shadows lengthen, And night has come,
I know that you will strengthen, My steps toward home,
And nothing can impede me, O blessed Friend!
So, take my hand and lead me, Unto the end.


Dear God, As the storms of life assail me, I put my trust in you.  Heal me from all afflictions of mind, body, and spirit. In the name of my Savior, Jesus Christ, I pray. Amen

~Paula Meier~