2018-2019 SCHOOL LUNCH

We regret that we are NOT able to accept late orders

You will need to pack your lunch for the month if you miss the deadline.


How does the lunch program work?


  • Order forms posted on our website – please use Excel format!

  • Typically have a meal and/or entrée option for every school day.  See the “Menu Offerings. What Makes it a Meal” link to the (left) side for more details.

  • Menus are for 1-2 months at a time and due week or more before effective date to allow processing and ordering items for lunches.  Prepayment is expected.

  • Limited number of extras may be available on any given day, but it’s always better to order than take your chances…wait until last 15 min of lunch period to come ask if extras are available.

  • A la carte items are available without pre-ordering—typically cost $1 each (chips, drinks, fruit, yogurt, side salad, munchies, and ice cream snacks)

  • Students may purchase Lunch cards ($20 value) and use to buy a la carte items.  These cards should be treated the same as cash! Lunch cards are not replaceable.  The cards may be ordered at the same time you place your monthly lunch order, or you may send in payment and cards will be distributed to students as they come through the lunch line.


    How do I order lunches?

    Go to our website: then click on each of the following tabs:

    “School News”…“Parent FYI”…“Cafeteria”…“August” Excel Form

    BE SURE LOOK on the LEFT side of the page in the “Gold” section to see the order form

    OPEN the excel document, then:

  • Click on “Enter Your Name Here”…type in your name

  • Enter Number in the highlighted “Quantity Ordered” column only!

  • Total will be calculated for you at end of form

  • Save as Excel –Use your name and month for document title

  • Email the Excel file to Mrs. Hinrichs: --$5 processing fee for paper copies or not submitting as an Excel file

  • Bring money to office by/before the deadline or pay $5 late fee (see order form)

  • Be sure to get payment made before order is cancelled (see order form)

    Don’t have computer access at home or lacking EXCEL files? 

    Students are welcome to logon at school, pull up the order form, save, and submit to

    Be sure to save/print out your lunch order.  Hang in your locker and/or at home so you can check when to bring your lunch and when you have lunch waiting for you!  A summary of each week’s lunch order should be posted on the corner bulletin board by the office to check if you ordered.  I try to post the week before—be sure to look at correct dates!  Please, do not go through the lunch line just to ask Mrs. Hinrichs if you ordered!  J

     SPECIAL DAYS (volunteers needed to help serve):

    Monday—Pizza or Subway days!

  • Fridays—Bosco sticks are available. 

    (These are breadsticks with cheese inside, served warm!)

  • We are again looking for volunteers to help serve lunch on Mondays (pizza/sub sandwiches) OR Fridays to help serve Bosco Sticks! Volunteers are needed every week—pick as few or as many days as you are able to help!  You may contact Alice Hinrichs to volunteer and sign up, or click on this Sign up Genius Link:        

    A La Carte Room

    These items may be purchased by anyone on any day the lunch line is open…no pre-orders needed!

     A La Carte items—including:  drinks (water, tea, Gatorade, apple juice, milk), servings of fresh fruit and/or veggies, applesauce, cheese sticks, pre-packaged snacks (chips, crackers, snack mix, cookies), and ice cream novelties.  These items sell for $1.00 EXCEPT the milk and cheese sticks are only $.50 each. 

  • We even have a side salad offering that is typically topped with some cheese, cucumber slices, tomato, and egg.  A single portion of ham (sometimes chicken too) is available for your salad as well…first meat is free with purchase of salad, additional meat is $1.00 each.  NOTE:  Side salads are NOT AVAILABLE on MONDAYS, nor on SALAD BAR DAYS!

Lunch Line Procedures

RULE OF 3: Limit 3 students in A La Carte Room and 3 students in kitchen.  All others wait in line at the door.  Thank you!

  • IF you are not buying items from A La Carte selection and you did not order food for the day, PLEASE do not stand in line and do not go through the A La Carte Room just to hang out with your friend(s). 

  • If you ordered food for the day—Pick up your “Food Tickets” which will have your name pre-printed on them and be sure to pick up entire stack in case ordered more than one items for the day!  They will be in alphabetical order on table as you enter the A La Carte room, just look to your left!

  • Choose your choice of “A La carte” Items…you don’t have to have “food ticket” to purchase these items

  • Mrs. Hinrichs will then check you out (pay using cash or lunch card)

  • Proceed to the kitchen (door to the right of Mrs. Hinrichs) if you have “Food Tickets”, or proceed directly to the cafeteria if you only purchased A La Carte Items (door on the left of Mrs. Hinrichs)

  • Please be prompt coming through the lunch line and picking up your pre-ordered food.  We do offer “extras” during the last half of lunch and unclaimed food will be sold!

  • You may come back through the A La Carte room at any time prior to the bell ringing and purchase snacks, drinks, ice cream…Use the Entrance, not the Exit.  THANK YOU!


Meal Options

Cafeteria Guidelines in Printable Form