‚ÄčWelcome to Mrs. Hizer's Chemistry class



The following are units and topics we will be discussing in Chemistry this year. 

            *Please note that the teacher may adjust these topics of study and important concepts at any time             in order to accommodate student learning. 


Dates                                       Topic/Unit                              Concept


First Semester

Aug 15h-Oct 11th:  first quarter      (Ch. 1-4)                                    

 Intro to Chemistry                       safety, scientific method, problem solving                                             

 Matter and Change                       mixtures, elements, compounds, chemical and physical changes
 Scientific Measurements            SI units, conversion problems, density    

 Atomic Structure                         


Oct 14th-Dec 19th: second quarter    (Ch. 5-7) 

 Electrons in Atoms                              atomic orbitas, electron configurations, light-changes of electron energies, quantum mechanics

Periodic Table                             metals, nonmetals, metalloids, electron configurations in groups, element project                

Ionic and Metallic Bonding            ionic compounds, crystals, bonding of metals, alloys,            


Jan 6th-24th                               Winterim Session

Second Semester

Jan 28th- March 27th: third quarter   (Ch. 8-11)

Covalent bonding                        covalent bonds, nature of covalent bonding, bonding theories, polar bonds and molecules

Chemical Names                         naming ions, writing formulas, laws governing formulas and names

Chemical Quantities                     **Will have mole day on 10-23 (Oct 23rd)!!!

                                                The mole, mass and volume relationships

Chemical Reactions                     writing chemical equations, balancing chemical equations, types of chemical reactions


March 30th- May 22nd: fourth quarter  (Ch. 12, 19, 20, 21, 22)

Stoichiometry                             the arithmetic equations, chemical calculations

Acids, Bases and Salts                 hydrogen ions and acidity, strength of acids and bases, neutralization, salts

Oxidation & Reduction Reactions  oxidation numbers, balancing redox equations

 Hydrocarbon Compounds             organic chemistry, hydrocarbons,  isomers                                                 

 Functional groups                        alcohol and ethers, carbonyl compounds, polymerization