Fall Music Concert
LHSKC Music Department Fall Concert
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Road Rally 2014
LHS 2014 Road Rally Postponed
The 12th Annual LHS Road Rally has been rescheduled for Saturday, November 22nd at 4:00 p.m.
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Art Competition
Lutheran High School of Kansas City Art Competition
Third Annual Elementary and Middle School Art Competition
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Dr. Stelmachowicz

Dear Parents, Guardians, and Friends,

The fall music concert is being held this evening. As with all elements of our program here at LHS, this concert too shouts “to God be the glory”.

This is a concert promoting “the arts”.  The question then must be asked “Why promote the arts?”  In many a school and many a district the arts often become a program where funding is dropped or lessened.  At Lutheran High we believe the arts are so important we mandate students take two years of arts instruction.  This can manifest itself through the music program or by a student taking physical art in the classroom.  While each student may not possess artistic skill in any area, the study of the arts opens the mind and allows for a greater freedom of expression.  Many academic studies have supported the idea that cognitive skill development is enhanced and improved through study in the creative arts realm.

A great work of art survives its own era and endures throughout time.  Great works of art connect generations with each other by satisfying our eyes, our ears, our intellects, or all three at once.  We wonder at the work and interpret the piece in our own time and space.  Great writing, painting, art of any kind reaches across the centuries.  Our ancestors may not have feared terrorism in their day, but they, too, feared suffering and death, struggled through hard times, and experienced the same need to be loved, to raise families and to create something that would be remembered.  When life’s darkest moments are upon us we can take solace that we, too, can find a theater, library, or museum and marvel at man’s creativity.

So what is art and why do we preserve the study of this treasure of God’s creation?  In this world it is man’s attempt to strive for immortality through creative expression.  Short of eternal life in heaven, art is immortality accomplished here on earth.  God bless.


Dr. Cary Stelmachowicz