A free Practice PSAT for incoming Sophomores and Juniors is scheduled for Saturday, August 29th.
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2015 Summer Knights Camps Set to Begin in June
LHSKC is happy once again to present "Summer Knights" a summer sports and activities camp program for students of all ages.
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2015-2016 Dual Credit Courses
More Dual Credit Courses added for the 2015-2016 School Year
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Dr. Stelmachowicz

Thank You.  Perhaps that is not the most original of lines, but it is all I can come up with to describe my feelings for the effort associated with our 26th annual Affair of the Heart dinner auction.  From the auction committee, student volunteers, parent volunteers who both set up and took down many chairs and tables, to the many donors and people who attended the event, Thank You.

Over 230 people attended and over $82,000 were raised to help support LHSKC. To God be the Glory. While many people always ask “what were the numbers?”  - as far as dollars raised, I believe events like these are even more important when we discuss our school as a community of believers.  People who believe in Christian education for our youth coming together and sustaining a cause greater than themselves is a beautiful dynamic to witness.  In reality, that is what the evening is all about, “preparing lives for today, tomorrow and eternity.”  The outpouring of support, the generosity, and the espirit dé corps were all in evidence at this year’s Affair of the Heart.  Parents of alums, alums, current parents and grandparents, pastors, principals and friends of Lutheran High joined together to honor their Lord.  From an administrative and faculty point of view, the overall support we felt from so many people is a reassuring factor as we return to our daily tasks of educating our students.  So many days we feel we toil in anonymity, but the actuality is that we have a tremendous backing from a vast array of sources.  Thank You.

I certainly want to single out Jack Fennesy and Bravo! for donating the delicious food for the evening.  When you have an opportunity, please visit Bravo! at Town Center and thank Jack for his wonderful generosity to LHSKC.  

The school year is slowly winding down and there are “miles to go before we sleep” but the fun, memories, friends, and support of April 18th will linger in our hearts for awhile.  Thanks again and see you next year.

Dr. Cary Stelmachowicz