Road Rally 2014
Date Set for 12th Annual LHS Road Rally
Lutheran High School Road Rally - October 25, 2014
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Art Competition
Lutheran High School of Kansas City Art Competition
Third Annual Elementary and Middle School Art Competition
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Rehearsals to begin soon.
Cinderella Cast Selected
Rehearsals are in full swing
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Dr. Stelmachowicz

Dear Parents, Guardians, and Friends,

We often use the expression “to God be the glory!” when we announce awards or boast about success around the school.  This is an important reminder for all.  We are here to glorify our Creator.  Well, in recent days some disturbing social media activity has sprouted among our student body.  Several students shared with me some inappropriate and even some vile comments made on twitter accounts.  While nearly all of these were made out of school, they still were aimed at students and the author(s) was using an LHS label.  This is not who we are or whose we are.

I addressed the student body about the seriousness of fraudulent social media communication, cowardly shaped tweets, and negative comments regarding their peers.  I pray the message was received.  I am asking you, the parent/guardian, to monitor to some degree your child’s use of social media.  A daunting task indeed, yet one where we need to engage in the conversation with our youth at the very least.  I have chided our parents in the past not to just “look the other way” or adopt the “kids will be kids” mantra that is prevalent in this entitlement age.  We are entitled to nothing and we are here only by the grace of a loving God.  Sin is sin and it needs to be addressed by us, the adults.  Confrontation is not fun, nor does it make you your child’s friend.  Oh, by the way, you are not the friend.  You are the parental unit responsible for raising a child equipped with a set of social skills worthy of a child of God.

There is no simple answer here.  There is no perfect advice either.  Christian love and forgiveness is how we operate at LHSKC.  We all sin and fall short, but we all should be striving for something better, something more meaningful in relationships with each other.  Jesus said it best (He always does) in Matthew 12:36-37.  “Men will have to give account on the day of judgment for every careless word they have spoken.  For by your words you will be acquitted, and by your words you will be condemned.”  As Jesus tells us, we are accountable for our words. 

Please assist us as we try and model appropriate behavior as we mentor children in the midst of a growing and maturing process.  So, to be sure, we boldly proclaim “to God be the glory!”

Dr. Cary Stelmachowicz