Digital Photography/Adv. Digital Photography

Dear Parents and Students:

Welcome to Digital Photography/Graphic Arts. With your cooperation we will work together to provide the best possible learning environment in which the student is successful.


This course is for any student wishing to communicate visually in photographic work utilizing digital imaging processes as well as placement and layout. Students will solve visual problems using selected electronic imaging devices developing an awareness of the media and its impact on culture and history in addition to the fundamentals of art criticism and evaluation. Students will need their own digital camera. (Grades 9-12)

DP Syllabus

Digital Photography Projects/Assignments - 

Elements and Principles:
Elements of Art & Principles of Design.pdf
Elements-Principles Project.pdf
Reflective Self Portrait:
Self Portrait through a lens.pdf
Personal Collage Assignment:
Personal Collage Project.pdf

Color Wheel Assignment:
The Color Wheel.pdf
Color Wheel assignment handout.pdf
Alphabet Project:
alphabet assignment.pdf
alphabet layout.pdf
Angles Assignnment:
angle assignment .pdf
Capture the Night Assignment:
Capturing the Night.pdf
Capturing the Night Assignment handout.pdf
Mechanical/What is it? Project
Mechanical-What is it assignment handout.pdf
Repetition Assignment:
repetition examples.pdf
Repetition assignment handout.pdf
5 Senses:
the 5 senses.pdf
Andy Warhol Project:
Andy Warhol.pdf
7 Dwarfs Project:
7 dwarfs continued.pdf
Remove the Color Project:
one color project.pdf
You vs. Yourself Project:
you vs yourself.pdf
Christmas Cards:
Students will combine what they have learned this semester about the elements of art and the principles of design with the skills they have learned in photoshop to create a Christmas Card. 

Graphic Arts Projects/Assignments - 

What is Graphic Design? 

Typography Worksheet (find examples of the different fonts)

Typography Animal/Portait Project
typography portrait examples.pdf
Business System Project: 
Find 20 Logos and bring in Business Cards
Logo-Trademark Worksheet.pdf

Create a Start Up (New Company)
20 Logos-business design.pdf

Design Business System for Start Up (Logo, Business Cards, Envelope, Letter Head)

Advertisement/Re-Branding a Product

CD Cover Project

Room Layout/Interior Design:
room layout.pdf

Stop Motion Animation Project

3D Printing Project