Boys Soccer

2016 Boys Soccer - LHS

2016 LHS Knights' Soccer Team

A couple of volunteers are needed for each home soccer game.

2017 Knights Soccer Schedule

2017 Driving Directions
Updated September 8th - Note location of Cristo Rey Game on September 14th

Barstow Soccer Tournament Schedule

KC Cup Tournament

September 7th @ 4:00 – Bingham Middle School (Not on Driving Direction Page) - 1716 South Speck Road, Independence, MO (approximately 30 minutes): 435 E to 470 E. 470 E to 291 N. 291 N to MO-78 (23rd Street). Turn right on E. 23rd. Turn left on Speck Road. School will be on the left.

Don't forget that if you are planning on participating in soccer, the $100 Activity Program Fee (APF) 
is due
before first event/competition.  

(NOTE: Students may have “Sponsor Letters” sent out requesting support from family and friends. You will have an additional 1-2 weeks for money to be sent before paying balance.  Names/addresses must be provided to the office during the first week of practice/meetings).