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Student and Parent Forms

Computer Release 

Students who access technological resources through the school are governed by the guidelines found in the Student Handbook. Students and parents are required to sign the Acceptable Use Policy Contract before receiving a password to the school network. 

To print the Computer Release Form, please
 click here.

Grant-In-Aid Volunteer Form

The Lutheran High School connects service hours to financial aid packages in order to create an atmosphere of caring, sharing, and family.  These hours should be reported to the school when completed.

To print t
he Grant-In-Aid Volunteer form, please click here.

Medication Authorization Form

Students needing medication to be given during school hours must have a medication authorization form on file in the student's health record. These forms must be completed and signed by the physician and parent and returned to the school office before any medication can be given. Over-the-counter medications do not need a physician's signature.

To print the Medication Authorization form, please click here.

Missouri State High School Activities Association (MSHSAA) Forms

The MSHSAA Physical Form is valid for two (2) years. To print the MSHSAA Physical Form, please click here

The MSHSAA Pre-Participation Documentation is due every year. To print the MSHSAA Pre-Participation Documentation, please click here.


Planned Absence Form

If there is to be a planned absence, the school office should be informed prior to the date. A Planned Absence Form should be filled out and signed by a school administrator prior to any non-school sponsored absence. 

To print the Planned Absence Form, please click here 


Rider-Driver Permission Form

When traveling to off-campus events and practices, it is sometimes necessary to utilize volunteer drivers. The school office is required to have a form on file for each student in order to ride with or drive for other students. 

To print the Rider-Driver Permission Form, please click here


School Guest Form

Out of School guests to The Lutheran High of Kansas City dances must have a signed form on file with the school office, preferably at least a week prior to the event. 

To print the School Guest form, please click here.


Service for the Lord

The Service for the Lord program gives students an opportunity to thank God for His many blessings. All Lutheran High School students are required to complete 40 hours of volunteer service each year and report them to the school office.

To print the 2019-2020 Service for the Lord form, please 
click here.

Student Tutor Agreement

Students who are accepted as Student Tutors may volunteer in the Student Resource Center to receive Service hours. 

To print the Student Tutor Agreement form, please click here