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 Placing your order: open appropriate excel document

  • Click on “Enter Name Here”…type in your first/last name
  • Enter Number in the “Quantity Ordered” column only!
  • Total will be calculated for you at end of form
  • Save as Excel –Use your name and month for document title
  • Email the Excel file to Mrs. Hinrichs: ahinrichs@lhskc.com
  • Bring payment to office by/before the deadline
  • Note: fees apply to late payments as well as to those who use paper copies (or format other than Excel), and late payment may result in cancelled orders!

Don’t have computer access or can’t open Excel File?

Student may logon at school, pull up the document and  save/submit. Otherwise, please contact Mrs. Hinrichs to have alternate form sent to you ($5 fee will apply) allow extra time so you meet deadlines!

A La Carte Items Available

Items from a la carte (no pre-orders necessary) include items such as drinks, yogurt, fresh fruit or veggies cups, side salads, bags of chips/snacks, and ice cream.  Everything is $1 except milk and cheese sticks, which are only $.50 each.  Mondays are Pizza/Subway days and “side salads” are not available for purchase.  Side salad is NOT an option on days lunch menu offers “Salad Bar”.  Please plan accordingly if this is your “customary back up for lunch”!


Lunch “Punch Cards” – $20 value.  You may purchase when ordering lunch (see bottom of order form) OR send Mrs. Hinrichs money to have a punch card made for you (pick it up in lunch line next day).  Saves on carrying cash, digging through bags/wallets to find cash, and keeps line moving.  Lost, laundered, or destroyed Punch Cards are not replaceable!  We DO accept cash, nothing larger than $20 bill (and you may have to wait for change until later in day). 

Volunteers Needed!

Monday, E block study hall students or Friday, C block study hall students—email Mrs. Hinrichs your willingness to help us!  Parents, see the sign-up genius form for you—link in side bar! 

Cafeteria/Lunch Guidelines

Wait in line outside the door to A La Carte room until Mrs. Hinrichs is present and gives you “OK” to enter

 Pick up your “Food Tickets” which will be in alphabetical order by last name on table inside the door to your left as you enter the room.

Limit 3 students in A La Carte Room

 Choose your choice of “A La carte” Items…Mrs. Hinrichs will check you out. Pay—cash or use punch card.  

Exit left if not getting “hot food”.  Proceed to right ONLY IF have “food ticket”…please don’t shadow your friend through the kitchen.

 Limit 3 students in kitchen